All My Trials – The Finnish Spitz

Here is my contribution to the Ragtag Daily Prompt of 12 June 2018 – atavism. It is a about the Finnish Spitz, one of only a handful of dog breeds descended from the now extinct Taymyr wolf.  Since writing this post, my dog, Ama, has retired from obedience competition. She is a bitch honey. Perhaps she has more Taymyr wolf in her than some of that wolf’s other descendants.

Reflections of An Untidy Mind

I’ve been training my two primitive dogs (a Finnish Spitz and a Finnish Lapphund) for a couple of years now.  We have had many successes and failures.  We’ve had frustration and tears of joy.  Just this past week, my little Finkie (short for Finnish Spitz), Ama, achieved her first obedience title (Rally Novice).  Yay, go Ama!  I have often felt the urge to document my experiences in training this tricky and wonderful breed, so I thought I would include my experiences in my blog (under the category All My Trials – Dog Training Karma). 

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Prompt #11: bastion

For the information of my Followers – please note that this will be the last time that I will be re-blogging the Ragtag Daily Prompt (RDP). Today the prompt word is bastion.

It is time to set the RDP free, and let the Ragtag Community website that was established to publish the prompt do its thing. I thank you all for joining me on this journey. I will still be part of the Ragtag team, as well as of course doing my own thing right here. Kind Regards. Tracy.

1. a projecting part of a fortification built at an angle to the line of a wall, so as to allow defensive fire in several directions
2. an institution, place, or person strongly defending or upholding particular principles, attitudes, or activities.

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Today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt:  Limerence. 


New words come into English all the time. Often they’re borrowed (stolen?) from other languages, words such as tsunami, boomerang and graupel. Sometimes they’re made up, like “limerence.” This word crossed my mind out of nowhere a couple of days ago, and I thought it might be fun (even if the word came and more-or-less went before your time). 🙂

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RDP #9 : Ragabash

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Ragtag Daily Prompt of the day : Ragabash

Ragabash : scoundrel, ragamuffin, idle worthless fellow, shiftless disreputable person.  Mass noun: rabble or riff-raff

Why?  I just love the way it sounds.

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FYI: Ragabash is not in the offficial Scrabble dictionary but is in Oxford and in the 1913 Webster’s which  Wikitionary is based upon.

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Pickled memories

One of my favourite bloggers has taken part in the Ragtag Daily Prompt – Pickled. I thought I would share it with you.

A Shared Space

In the last few years fermented food has been promoted as being good for the digestive system.  It came as a surprise.  Nothing novel here.  Why the focus now when numerous cultures have regarded pickled food, part of their every day diet.  Take pickled herrings in Scandinavian countries, pickled cucumbers (Poland), sauerkraut (Germany), pickled ginger (Japan), kimchi (Korea), to name a few.

People from India love their pickles!  Lime, brinjal (auberine/eggplant), mango, tomato, chillis, are the common home made pickles, found in a jar on any dinner table.  What is less known is pickled fish, usually mackerel, in a spiced brine.  Delicious!  West Coast fare.  Then there is Bombay Duck.  It’s not a duck, but a lizardfish, to be exact, the origins of the name you can find on the internet.  When eaten fresh it is usually coated in spiced breadcrumbs and then fried.  The result is delicious, crisp on…

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Ragtag Daily Prompt #8: PICKLE

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For the information of those wishing to participate in the Ragtag Daily Prompt of 7 June 2018.

It’s a bit exciting because this is the first time I’ve provided the prompt and it is being done from our new Ragtag Community blog. So doubly exciting. The word is purple. Check it out. Please.
Regards. Tracy.

Welcome to the Ragtag Community Blog.  This is the place where all our Ragtag Daily Prompts will be located, so it should be much easier for everyone to play along.  We are indebted to Leaping Toes from Oh Border! for establishing the Ragtag Community Blog for us and for you.

Without further ado, here is the Ragtag Daily Prompt for Thursday, 7 June 2018.  We invite you to post something related to purple

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Curious Cat

How has the week been shaping up, fellow bloggers? We’re almost a week into our new initiative, picking up from where the Daily Post left off. Along with the daily prompts, I suppose many were also following the Weekly Photo Challenge. We’re still new in this and our group of volunteer prompters is still working things out. For the moment we don’t have a separate page for the photo challenges, but since Wednesday is my day (yayyy!) and I loved participating in the photo challenges, I’m proposing a prompt that can be attempted for writing and/or photography.

Today’s chosen word is “nightmare“. What comes to your mind when you think of nightmare? A bad dream? A horrific experience? Whether in the mental, emotional or physical space, a write-up describing the word and/or a photograph depicting what lends meaning to the word – let’s have your thoughts on the word…

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