The Bishop Who Ate His Boots

Now for a return to light programming — a little musical interlude.  The Ragtag Daily Prompt today is blizzard.  Very soon it will be winter in the Northern Hemisphere and some of my readers may even live in areas where they get blizzards.

If you are Canadian, you might have heard the story of Bishop Isaac Stringer and Charles Johnson who, in 1909, spent 51 days in the Yukon in miserable weather and survived by eating their seal skin boots.  Read more

Leave It To The Professional

There is one thing certain about Australasian Grebes and that is they are very shy.  Come within 100 metres of them and they quickly dive below the surface of the water or they paddle away at a great pace leaving you in their wake.  Many a time on our holiday, we saw them in the distance and that is where they stayed, so no photographs (not good ones anyway).   It turns out that finding and getting close to these tiny waterbirds is a job for a professional. Read more

Food for Thought

I have been concerned for sometime about the environmental cost of disposing of my body when the time should arise.  In Australia, cremation rates are increasing.  According to some sources, there is a 50/50 split nationally between burial and cremation.  In urban areas, cremations now make up over 65% of funerals and this figure is growing. Read more

Holiday Bird Diary – Part 3

Have I mentioned what a great holiday I had?  As I’m not a coast dweller, I hadn’t really appreciated how beautiful and mesmerising Australia’s water birds are.  Let me show you just a few of the water birds that my True Love (TL) and I saw when we visited two of the man-made dams in Queensland, Australia. Read more

Holiday Bird Diary – Part 2

A couple of hundred clicks north of Sydney, the Myall Lakes National Park in New South Wales (Australia) is one of the best habitats around for birds.  It is a real bird oasis.  The Myall Lakes is one of the state’s largest coastal lake systems.  As we were just passing through and were time constrained, we only skimmed its outskirts.  We stayed at the lovely, quiet fishing village of Hawks Nest.  Usually, I have to work hard for my bird photos but the birds were lining up for their photos to be taken.  Here are a few that we took one morning (click on images to enlarge). Read more